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Welcome to our blog post focusing on important questions and answers for class 10 English students, specifically on the poem "For Anne Gregory" from the First Flight book. Authored by the renowned poet WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS, this poem offers profound insights into themes of love, identity, and self-acceptance. In this post, we'll delve into key and extra questions and provide comprehensive answers to aid in your understanding of this poetic masterpiece. Whether you're preparing for the 2023-24 board exams or simply seeking deeper comprehension, this resource will prove invaluable. Additionally, we'll provide a downloadable PDF for easy access to study materials. Let's embark on this journey of exploration and learning together!

SubjectEnglish Language & Literature
Chapter NameFor Anne Gregory
TypeImportant/Extra Questions and Answers
Book NameFirst Flight

"It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get back up."

- Vince Lombardi

Q. No. 1) Multiple Choice Questions based on an extract:

But I can get a hair-dye
And set such colour there,
Brown, or black, or carrot,
That young men in despair
May love me for myself alone
And not my yellow hair.

i. Given below are the taglines of four hypothetical brands. Choose the correct option that fits the best with the first three lines of the given stanza.

Food that makes you light.
My home. My gym.
No game over, get makeover.
Eat! Eat! Eat! Repeat!

a) Option (1)

b) Option (2)

c) Option (3)

d) Option (4)

Ans. Option (c)

ii. The form of the given stanza is a part of

a. an agreement.

b. a disapproval.

c. an engagement.

d. an argument

Ans. Option (d)

iii. Choose the option that describes a situation of ‘despair’ as mentioned in the extract.

  1. Worked very hard and got selected in the audition for the dance competition.
  2. Worked very hard and was once again, for the 3rd time, unable to get selected in the audition for the dance competition.
  3. Worked very hard for the dance competition audition. My best friend got selected but I didn’t.
  4. Worked very hard to get selected in the audition for the dance competition, but the auditions got.

a. Option (1)

b. Option (2)

c. Option (3)

d. Option (4)

Ans. Option (b)

iv. Read the statements 1 and 2 given below and choose the option that correctly assesses these statements.

  1. The speaker wants to change her hair colour so that it may appeal to young men.
  2. The speaker’s appearance due to her gorgeous yellow hair is largely the reason young men hope to get her attention.

a. 1 is false, 2 is true and clearly inferred from the poem.

b. 1 is true, 2 cannot be clearly inferred from the poem.

c. 1 cannot be clearly inferred from the poem, 2 is false.

d. 1 is true and can be inferred from the poem, 2 is false.

Ans. Option (a)

v. Choose the product that best shows what Anne would invest in, to ensure that young men love her for herself and not her hair.

for anne gregory class 10 important questions answers

a. Option (1)

b. Option (2)

c. Option (3)

d. Option (4)

Ans. Option (d)

Q. No. 2) Multiple Choice Questions based on an extract

“I heard an old religious man
But yesternight declare
That he had found a text to prove
That only God, my dear,
Could love you for yourself alone
And not your yellow hair.”

i. ‘yesternight’ is a word made of a combination of two words to form a new word. Hence, it is a compound word.

Choose the words that DO NOT fit the description.

a. 3, 4

b. 2, 6

c. 3, 5

d. 1, 4

Ans. Option (b)

ii. Choose the option that lists the person who correctly wrote a quote best representing the central idea of the given stanza.

Choose the correct option out of the ones given below.

You can never meet your potential until you truly learn to love yourself.Never apologize for being yourself.God loves you unconditionally, as you are and not as you should be.Your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

a. Harpreet

b. Manav

c. Joel

d. Nawaz

Ans. Option (c)

iii. The above stanza strongly defies the idea of ___________.

a. internal qualities

b. external beauty

c. spiritual self

d. divinity

Ans. Option (b)

iv. Choose the option that displays the likely image of the man mentioned in the extract.

for anne gregory class 10 extra questions answers

a) option 1

b) option 2

c) option 3

d) option 4

Ans. Option (c)

v. Choose the phrase that best represents, ‘love you for yourself alone”.

a. Unconditional love

b. Unseemly love

c. Unrequited love

d. Understated love

Ans. Option (a)

Q. No. 3)

But I can get a hair-dye
And set such colour there,
Brown, or black, or carrot,
That young men in despair
May love me for myself alone
And not my yellow hair.”

i. What is the poet’s tone in the extract?

  1. thoughtful
  2. authoritative
  3. agitated
  4. insulting
  5. argumentative

Select the appropriate option.

a. 1, 4

b. 3, 5

c. 2, 4

d. 1, 5

Ans. Option (c)

ii. What causes the young men to ‘despair’, according to the extract?

Ans. Being hopelessly in love/the uncertainty in love/Unsurity of the return of their affections

iii. Identify the reason for the speaker’s need to colour her hair, as per the extract.

a. Her control over what makes her look beautiful.

b. Her desire to be loved for inner beauty

c. Her need to change people’s perception about beauty

d. Her conviction that she is beautiful inside

Ans. Option (d)

iv. Complete the analogy about the speaker’s hair.

yellow: blonde :: _____ : carrot

Ans. yellow: blonde :: orange /red : carrot

v. Select the sentence in which the word ‘set’ is used in the similar manner as line 2 of the extract.

a. I want to set him up and get my work done this time.

b. Do you have another set of the books that I can read?

c. The dessert needs to set for two hours before being served.

d. The set for the school play looked quite grand.

Ans. Option (c)

Q. No. 4) Describe the method Anne Gregory suggested in order to prove that she is loved for who she is.

Ans. Anne Gregory suggested dyeing her hair brown, black, or carrot-colored so that young men, unable to be swayed by her yellow hair, would love her for her true self, not just her appearance.

Q. No. 5) Highlight the central theme of the poem “For Anne Gregory”.

Ans. The central theme of "For Anne Gregory" revolves around the idea of true love and acceptance. It explores how superficial attributes like physical appearance, represented by Anne's yellow hair, can overshadow one's true essence. The poem suggests that genuine love should transcend external features and be based on understanding and appreciating someone for who they truly are, beyond their appearance.

Q. No. 6) How would you, as a young adult of your times, title this poem. Give a reason for your choice.

Ans. As a young adult of my time, I would title this poem "Beyond the Surface". This title encapsulates the theme of looking deeper than outward appearances to understand and appreciate someone's true essence, which is relevant and relatable in today's society.

Q. No. 7) In the poem For Anne Gregory, Anne Gregory's suggestion to dye her hair serves two main purposes. What are these?

Present your response this way: One purpose is …………. Another purpose is …………….

Ans. One purpose is to alter her appearance so that young men may love her for her true self, not just her yellow hair. Another purpose is to challenge the notion that only divine love can appreciate her beyond superficial attributes, like her hair color.

Q. No. 8) The advice given by elders is crucial to young lives. Explain in the context of the poem “For Anne Gregory”.

Ans. In "For Anne Gregory," the advice given by an old religious man influences Anne's perspective on love. His assertion that only God can love her for her true self challenges Anne's belief that changing her appearance can lead to genuine love. This highlights the impact of elders' wisdom on shaping young minds.

Q. No. 9) The “yellow hair” is a symbol in the poem. Briefly support the statement with reference to the poem “For Anne Gregory”.

Ans. In "For Anne Gregory," the "yellow hair" symbolizes superficial attractiveness or physical appearance. Anne considers dyeing her hair to test if men can love her for her true self beyond her external features. This symbolizes the struggle to find genuine love that transcends mere physical attraction.

Q. No. 10) Expound on any two ways in which Anne Gregory could practically put the poet persona’s advice to use.

Ans. Anne Gregory could practically put the poet persona's advice to use by first, embracing her natural appearance and confidently presenting herself without altering her hair color. Secondly, she could focus on developing her inner qualities and personality, allowing others to appreciate her for who she truly is beyond her physical attributes.

Q. No. 11) Write the reaction of a 21st century teenager (boy or girl), to the idea of being loved for one’s appearance or the things one represents/possesses.

Give a reason for the reaction.

Ans. A 21st-century teenager might react with skepticism or frustration to the idea of being loved solely for their appearance or possessions. They value authenticity and meaningful connections over superficial traits. They would feel that being valued for who they are as a person, their character, values, and personality, is far more important than any external factors. They might find the idea of being loved for superficial reasons shallow and unsatisfying, longing for deeper, more genuine connections based on mutual understanding and respect.

Q. No. 12) Evaluate the poem in the context of the given quote.

“If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how very different our ideals of beauty would be.”

You may begin like this:

The poet shares that God loves us unconditionally, for who we are and not our appearance. This quote…………………(continue)………………

Ans. The poet shares that God loves us unconditionally, for who we are and not our appearance. This quote resonates with the theme of the poem "For Anne Gregory," highlighting the significance of seeing beyond physical attributes to appreciate one's true essence, thus redefining our perception of beauty based on inner qualities rather than outward appearance.

Q. No. 13) Imagine Anne Gregory grows up to be a motivational speaker. As Anne Gregory, write a short speech on the importance of loving oneself.

You may begin this way:

Dear friends

The importance of believing in oneself can never be overstated. It becomes most important, therefore, to love oneself. I learnt this, as a young teen, the day a poet pointed out that…… (continue) ………


Dear friends,

The importance of believing in oneself can never be overstated. It becomes most important, therefore, to love oneself. I learned this, as a young teen, the day a poet pointed out that true love comes from within, not from outward appearances. I realized that to truly be happy and fulfilled, I must first love and accept myself for who I am, flaws and all. Loving oneself means embracing our strengths and weaknesses, celebrating our uniqueness, and recognizing our own worth. When we love ourselves, we become more confident, resilient, and able to navigate life's challenges with grace and dignity. So, let us all remember to love ourselves, for in doing so, we can truly shine and inspire others.

With love,
Anne Gregory

Q. No. 14) Just as a love for outer appearances is not true love, love for the sake of money is not true love either.

Pen down a dialogue exchange between Anne Gregory and any character from “The Proposal” where Anne tries to explain how loving others simply for who they are is the most important virtue that everyone must possess.


Anne: Hello, Natalya. Can we talk for a moment?

Natalya: Of course, Anne. What's on your mind?

Anne: I couldn't help but notice your interest in Lomov's estate. But remember, love for outer appearances or possessions isn't true love.

Natalya: But Anne, I need security, stability…

Anne: I understand, but true love is about accepting someone for who they are, not what they have. Lomov's land shouldn't be the basis of your affection. Loving someone for their character, kindness, and values is what truly matters. Trust me, genuine love brings more fulfillment than any material possession ever could.

Natalya: I see your point, Anne. Thank you for reminding me of what's truly important.

Q. No. 15) Imagine the poem was written for Anne Gregory’s brother, Miller Gregory.

a) Would that poem be different from the original poem? If so, highlight the differences it would have.

b) Pen down the advice, you think the poet persona would have given to Miller Gregory.


a) Yes, the poem for Miller Gregory might be different from the original. It might focus on different societal expectations and pressures faced by men compared to women. The poem might highlight how men are often judged based on their accomplishments, wealth, or societal status rather than their physical appearance

b) The poet persona might advise Miller to prioritize self-worth and inner qualities over external achievements, encouraging him to find fulfillment in being true to himself rather than conforming to societal expectations of success. The advice would emphasize the importance of authenticity and self-love, reminding Miller that his worth is not defined by material possessions or societal standards.

Q. No. 16) Compare and contrast what Anne from the poem 'Anne Gregory' would look for in a life partner as compared to Natalya from 'The Proposal'. Justify your answer with one example from each of the texts.

Ans. Anne from "Anne Gregory" and Natalya from "The Proposal" have different criteria for what they look for in a life partner.

Anne seeks a partner who loves her for her true self, beyond superficial attributes. In the poem, she contemplates dyeing her hair to test if men can love her for who she is, not just her appearance. This exemplifies Anne's desire for genuine love based on inner qualities.

In contrast, Natalya prioritizes financial security and stability in a partner. In "The Proposal," she expresses interest in Lomov's estate, viewing it as a desirable asset for marriage. This illustrates Natalya's focus on external factors, such as wealth and possessions, rather than deeper emotional connections.

While Anne values authenticity and emotional connection, Natalya prioritizes material security and social status in a life partner.

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