The Third Level Class 12: Important Questions and Answers

Preparing for your CBSE Class 12 English exam can be daunting, but with these important questions and answers from "The Third Level", you can feel confident and ready to ace your test. Dive into the themes and characters of this classic short story and be prepared for any question that comes your way.

the third level class 12 english important questions answers

SubjectEnglish Language & Literature
Chapter NameThe Third Level
TypeImportant Questions and Answers
Book NameVistas

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."

- Albert Schweitzer

The Third Level (Class 12) Important Questions & Answers

Q. No. 1) What did Sam mean by the phrase 'waking dream wish fulfillment’?

I told him about the third level at Grand Central Station, and he said it was a waking dream wish fulfillment.

a. Charley had a daydream that allowed him to escape his problems.

b. Charley had suffered from an episode of temporary delusion.

c. Charley had not learned how to fulfill his own desires.

d. Charley fulfilled his wish by traveling to the past.

Ans. Option (a)

Q. No. 2) He said I was unhappy. That made my wife kind of mad, but he explained that he meant the modern world is full of insecurity, fear, war, worry, and all the rest of it, and that I just want to escape. Well, who doesn’t? Everybody I know wants to escape, but they don’t wander down into any third level at Grand Central Station. But that’s the reason, he said, and my friends all agreed. Everything points to it, they claimed.

My stamp collecting, for example; that’s a ‘temporary refuge from reality.’ Well, maybe, but my grandfather didn’t need any refuge from reality.

i. Why did Sam’s verdict make Charley’s wife ‘mad’?

a. It made it difficult for her to accept that Charley would consult a psychiatrist.

b. It seemed to suggest to her that she was the cause of Charley’s unhappiness.

c. It made her aware of Charley’s delicate state of mind.

d. It offended her that Charley and Sam collectively accused her.

Ans. Option (b)

ii. Sam’s explanation of the reaction of Charley’s wife was in

a. critical

b. aggressive

c. clarifying

d. accusatory

Ans. Option (c)

iii. Select the option that signifies the condition of people of the ‘modern world’ mentioned in the extract.

  1. unsure
  2. lazy
  3. offensive
  4. anxious
  5. afraid


a. (1) and (3)

b. (2) and (5)

c. (2), (3), and (4)

d. (1), (4), and (5)

Ans. Option (d)

iv. Select the option that displays a cause-effect set.

the third level class 12 important questions and answers

Ans. Option (D)

v. Why didn’t Charley’s grandfather need refuge from reality?

a. He was too busy to bother.

b. He had chosen to deny his reality.

c. He lived in peaceful times.

d. He was a very secure person.

Ans. Option (c)

vi. How would you describe Charley’s vision of his grandfather’s life and times?

a. wistful escapism

b. idealized sentimentality

c. nostalgic simplicity

d. dreamy perfection

Ans. Option (b)

Q. No. 3) Sometimes I think Grand Central is growing like a tree, pushing out new corridors and staircases like roots. There’s probably a long tunnel that nobody knows about feeling its way under the city right now, on its way to Times Square, and maybe another to Central Park. And maybe — because for so many people through the years, Grand Central has been an exit, a way of escape — maybe that’s how the tunnel I got into... But I never told my psychiatrist friend about that idea.

i. The above extract is NOT an example of ________.

a. allegory

b. analogy

c. Imagery

d. Metaphor

Ans. Option (a)

ii. Charley decided not to tell his psychiatrist friend about his idea. Choose the option that reflects the reaction Charley anticipated from his friend.

a. “That’s such a lovely comparison. Why don’t you become a writer, Charley?”

b. “Oh Charley. It is so sad to see your desperation to run away! So very sad.”

c. “Maybe that’s how you entered the third level. Who would have thought?!”

d. “You need help, my raving friend. You are way too invested in this crazy thought!”

Ans. Option (d)

iii. Look at the given image that lists some of the ways in which the symbolism of a tree is employed.

the third level class 12

Which of the following would represent an example as used by Charley in the above extract?

a. ‘Stay grounded’ as the train station is underground.

b. ‘Connect with your roots’ as he desires to go back to his past.

c. ‘Enjoy the view’ as the station leads to all the tourist sights of the city.

d. ‘Keep growing’ as the station keeps renovating and expanding.

Ans. Option (d)

iv. The idiom ‘feeling its way’ implies ______ movement.

a. swift

b. tentative

c. circular

d. Disorganized

Ans. Option (b)

v. Classify (1) to (4) as fact (F) or opinion (O), based on your reading of The Third Level.

  1. First-day covers are never opened.
  2. Grand Central is growing like a tree.
  3. President Roosevelt collected stamps.
  4. Sam was Charley’s psychiatrist.


a. F-1,3,4; O-2

b. F-2, 3; O-1,4

c. F-2; O-1,3,4

d. F-3,4; O-1,2

Ans. Option (a)

Q. No. 4) Have you ever been there? It’s a wonderful town still, with big old frame houses, huge lawns, and tremendous trees whose branches meet overhead and roof the streets. And in 1894, summer evenings were twice as long, and people sat out on their lawns, the men smoking cigars and talking quietly, the women waving palm-leaf fans, with the fire-flies all around, in a peaceful world. To be back there with the First World War still twenty years off, and World War II over forty years in the future... I wanted two tickets for that.

i. Who does ‘you’ refer to?

a. Charley’s psychiatrist, Sam Weiner

b. Charley’s wife, Louisa

c. The reader

d. Nobody in particular, it is a figure of speech.

Ans. Option (c)

ii. Choose the option that best describes the society represented in the above extract.

a. content, peace-loving

b. leisurely, sentimental

c. orthodox, upper-class

d. comfortable, ancient

Ans. Option (c)

iii. Imagine that the city of Galesburg is hosting a series of conferences and workshops. In which of the following conferences or workshops are you least likely to find the description of Galesburg given in the above extract?

a. Gorgeous Galesburg: Archiving a Tourist Paradise

b. Welcome to the home you deserve: Galesburg Realtors

c. Re-imagining a Warless Future: Technology for Peace

d. The Woman Question: The world of women at home

Ans. Option (c)

iv. “tremendous trees whose branches meet overhead and roof the streets” is NOT an example of

  1. imagery
  2. metaphor
  3. alliteration
  4. anachronism


a. Options (1) and (2)

b. Options (1) and (3)

c. Options (2) and (3)

d. Options (2) and (4)

Ans. Option (d)

Q. No. 5) That night, among my oldest first-day covers, I found one that shouldn’t have been there.

In the story 'The Third Level', the narrator says the above line because he found a letter that __________.

a. he was not happy to discover

b. had been written by his grandfather

c. his grandfather had never told him about

d. wasn't part of his grandfather's original collection

Ans. Option (d)

Q. No. 6) How would you describe Charley?

a. confused, happy-go-lucky

b. escapist, adventurous

c. imaginative, nostalgic

d. friendly, responsible

Ans. Option (c)

Q. No. 7) ‘The Third Level’ refers to the third level at the Grand Central Station. As a metaphor, which of the following would NOT be an appropriate explanation of the title?

a. The convergence of reality and fantasy.

b. The bridge between the past and the present.

c. The oppressive monotony of modern life.

d. The need for an alternate plane of understanding.

Ans. Option (c)

Q. No. 8) Which of the following is a conclusion that can be drawn from the story?

a. Reality is indeed stranger than fiction.

b. With all its worries, modern life is not worth living.

c. The past is undoubtedly better than the present.

d. Imagination might be the only great escape.

Ans. Option (d)

Q. No. 9) Why do you think Charley withdrew nearly all the money he had from the bank to buy old-style currency?

Ans. In "The Third Level," Charley withdraws nearly all of his money from the bank to buy old-style currency because he becomes convinced that the third level of the Grand Central Terminal is a portal to the past, and he wants to be able to survive financially in the year 1894. He believes that the currency from that time period will have a higher value in the past and that he will be able to use it to support himself and his wife, Louisa if they are unable to return to the present day.

Q. No. 10) How would you evaluate Sam’s character? Elucidate any two qualities, and substantiate them with evidence from the text.

Ans. In "The Third Level," Sam is a friend of the protagonist, Charley, who works as a psychiatrist.

Firstly, Sam is intelligent and knowledgeable in his field, as evidenced by his ability to diagnose Charley's condition accurately and his understanding of the psychological mechanisms behind his obsession. For instance, he says to Charley, "Your Third Level, in short, is a form of escape, of wish fulfillment, from the stresses and problems of your life and your times." This shows that Sam has a good grasp of Charley's situation and is able to explain it in a clear and concise manner.

Another quality of Sam's character is his skepticism. Throughout the story, Sam maintains a skeptical and rational attitude toward Charley's claims of having discovered a portal to the past. He questions Charley about his experiences and suggests that they may be a product of his own psychological state, rather than an actual time-traveling adventure. However, at the end of the story, the reader is told that Sam has found the third level and traveled back in time himself.

Q. No. 11) At the beginning of the story, Sam is skeptical of Charley’s discovery of the third level. By the end of the story, the reader is told that he found the third level and traveled back in time. How would Sam diagnose himself?

Ans. At the beginning of the story, Sam is initially skeptical of Charley's discovery of the third level, and he questions Charley's belief that it is a portal to the past. However, by the end of the story, the reader learns that Sam has indeed found the third level and has traveled back in time. This suggests that Sam's skepticism may have been replaced by a newfound belief in the possibility of time travel.

If Sam were to diagnose himself, he may recognize that his initial skepticism was a product of his rational, logical mind. However, he may also acknowledge that his curiosity and openness to new experiences ultimately led him to discover the truth about the third level. Sam's experience may have taught him to keep an open mind and to consider the possibility of things that may seem impossible or unlikely at first glance.

Q. No. 12) How did 'The World' help Charley to confirm his doubts regarding the existence of a third level?


  • In the beginning, when Charley reached the third level, he was confused.
  • Later on, he noticed that 'The World' a popular newspaper that had stopped its publication before 1894 was still available.
  • He saw that day’s edition of 'The World'. It was dated, June 11, 1894.
  • The lead story said something about President Cleveland.
  • This confirmed that he was back in 1894.

Q. No. 13) In his letter to Charley, Sam writes, ‘…then I got to believing you were right.’ What could have made Sam begin to believe?


  • Sam had not believed Charley when he had mentioned the third level at the Grand Central.
  • Sam liked the description of 1894 life and living.
  • Sam must have gone in search of the third level and found it.

Q. No. 14) ‘It’s easy to judge others and give advice, but much more difficult to apply it to ourselves.’ Elaborate with reference to the character of Sam in The Third Level.

Ans. In the story "The Third Level," the character of Sam initially expresses skepticism and doubt about Charley's belief that the third level of the Grand Central Terminal is a portal to the past. He is quick to judge Charley's claims and to offer rational explanations for the seemingly impossible phenomenon.

However, as the story progresses, Sam begins to experience a change of heart. He becomes increasingly fascinated by Charley's obsession with the third level and begins to wonder if there might be some truth to his friend's claims. Eventually, Sam himself discovers the third level and travels back in time, confirming Charley's belief in the process.

Sam's journey in the story highlights the difficulty of applying our own advice and beliefs to our own lives. Despite his rational mind and skepticism, he eventually comes to believe in the possibility of time travel and the existence of the third level. This suggests that it can be much harder to change our own minds and beliefs than it is to offer advice or solutions to others.

Q. No. 15) In the story, ‘The Third Level’ by Jack Finney, Charley is obsessed with finding the third level. In an attempt to thrash out whether this obsession is a good quality or a harmful one, Charley’s wife expresses her thoughts in a diary entry.

As Louisa, Charley’s wife, write this diary entry. Support your response with reference to the story.

You may begin this way:

I have been married to Charley for a few years now and I have always known him to be an intelligent man with an imaginative mind. However, his recent obsession with finding the Third Level has …

Ans. Dear Diary,

I have been married to Charley for a few years now and I have always known him to be an intelligent man with an imaginative mind. However, his recent obsession with finding the Third Level has left me quite worried. While he talks about it with excitement, I cannot help but wonder if it is a good quality or a harmful one.

On one hand, Charley’s obsession displays his determination and persistence in achieving his goals. It shows that he is willing to go to great lengths to unravel the mysteries of life. His imagination and curiosity are admirable qualities that have always attracted me to him.

However, his obsession has caused him to become detached from reality. He is no longer able to differentiate between what is real and what is not. He spends all his time and money searching for a place that may not even exist. This could be harmful not only to himself but also to our family.

I understand that he feels overwhelmed by the stress and pressures of his present life and Sam indicated that he uses his obsession as a coping mechanism. I think this is harmful as it prevents him from addressing the underlying issues that are causing him stress.

Furthermore, Charley’s obsession has caused him to neglect his responsibilities. He has been absent from work and has not been able to contribute financially to our household. His obsession is affecting our relationship, and I am afraid that if he continues on this path, it might lead to irreparable damage.

Finally, all I can say is, I believe that Charley’s obsession with finding the Third Level may have started as a harmless curiosity, but it has now become a harmful one. I love him dearly and I hope that he realizes that his obsession is affecting not only himself but also those around him.

Q. No. 16) Imagine that you come across Louisa’s diary. What might you find in it about the third level? Compose at least one diary entry based on any of the events from the story, ‘The Third Level’.

Ans. Dear Diary,

Today, my husband Charley came home with a wild story about a third level in the Grand Central Terminal that leads to the past. At first, I thought he was joking or maybe even delusional. But as he continued to explain his theory and show me evidence, such as the old-style currency he had withdrawn from the bank, I began to wonder if there might be some truth to it.

Charley is so convinced of the third level's existence that he has withdrawn almost all of our savings to buy old-style currency. I am worried about our financial security, but I also can't help but be intrigued by the idea of time travel. What if it's true? What if Charley really can travel to the past?

I must admit, part of me is envious of Charley's passion and belief. He is so sure of himself and his theories, while I am constantly plagued by doubts and fears. Perhaps I should try to be more like him, to believe in something so strongly that I am willing to risk everything for it.

I don't know what the future holds, but I am excited to see where Charley's journey into the third level will take him. Maybe, just maybe, I will get to travel through time too.

Until next time,


Q. No. 17) In the story ‘The Third Level’, Charley wanted to go to Galesburg, Illinois in the year 1894. If you had an opportunity to go to another time and place, where would you like to go? Why?

How would Sam analyze your choice of alternate time and place?

Ans. If I were to choose a time and place to travel to, I would love to go back to ancient Egypt during the reign of Pharaoh Ramses II. I have always been fascinated by the rich history and culture of Egypt, and I would love to witness the construction of the pyramids and the temples firsthand.

I am sure Sam would find my choice interesting, as he himself was fascinated by the idea of time travel and the third level. He might ask me about the historical significance of ancient Egypt and what I hope to gain from witnessing it firsthand. He might also caution me about the potential dangers and cultural differences that I would encounter during my time travel journey.

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