A Question of Trust: Class 10 Important Q&A

Welcome, Class 10 English CBSE students, to an in-depth exploration of Chapter 4 from your 'Footprints without Feet' book – 'A Question of Trust.' In this blog post, we'll delve into the important questions and answers that will not only help you ace your exams but also gain a deeper understanding of this intriguing chapter. So, let's unravel the mysteries of trust and deception together!

a question of trust class 10 important quesition answers

SubjectEnglish Language & Literature
Chapter NameA Question of Trust
AuthorVictor Canning
TypeImportant Questions and Answers
Book NameFootprints Without Feet

"Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle."

- Christian D. Larson

A Question of Trust Class 10 Important (Extra) Questions Answers

Q. No. 1) Multiple Choice Questions based on an extract:

How foolish people are when they own valuable things, Horace thought. A magazine article had described this house, giving a plan of all the rooms and a picture of this room. The writer had even mentioned that the painting hid a safe! But Horace found that the flowers were hindering him in his work. He buried his face in his handkerchief. Then he heard a voice say from the doorway, “What is it? A cold or hay fever?” Before he could think, Horace said, “Hay fever,” and found himself sneezing again. The voice went on, “You can cure it with a special treatment, you know if you find out just what plant gives you the disease. I think you’d better see a doctor if you’re serious about your work. I heard you from the top of the house just now.”

i. According to the extract, Horace was sneezing due to a

a. sudden allergy

b. prior infection

c. long-standing disease

d. nasal pain

Ans. Option (a)

ii. Which magazine could have published the article mentioned in the given extract?

a. Paws & Claws

b. Outdoors & Landscaping

c. Interiors

d. The Investor

Ans. Option (c)

iii. Choose the image that correctly describes the location of the safe, based on the given extract.

a question of trust class 10 important questions answers

a. Option (1)

b. Option (2)

c. Option (3)

d. Option (4)

Ans. Option (c)

iv. In the line – Before he could think, Horace said, “Hay fever,” –the response was

a. rehearsed.

b. spontaneous and natural.

c. hesitant.

d. rapid and hostile.

Ans. Option (b)

v. The line from the extract that can be considered an example of sarcasm is

a. How foolish people are when they own valuable things.

b. Horace found that the flowers were hindering him in his work.

c. You can cure it with a special treatment.

d. I think you’d better see a doctor if you’re serious about your work.

Ans. Option (a)

Q. No. 2) Multiple Choice Questions based on an extract:

But he never got the chance to begin his plan. By noon a policeman had arrested him for the jewel robbery at Shotover Grange. His fingerprints, for he had opened the safe without gloves, were all over the room, and no one believed him when he said that the wife of the owner of the house had asked him to open the safe for her. The wife herself, a gray-haired, sharp-tongued woman of sixty, said that the story was nonsense. Horace is now the assistant librarian in the prison. He often thinks of the charming, clever young lady who was in the same profession as he was, and who tricked him. He gets very angry when anyone talks about ‘honor among thieves’.

i. The plan devised by Horace was to

a. tell about the safe to the owner of the house.

b. blackmail the wife of the owner later.

c. look for another safe for stealing books.

d. tell police the truth before the lady could deceive him.

Ans. Option (c)

ii. Based on the extract, choose what you think are the main feelings Horace probably has, for the young lady who tricked him, when he thinks about her.

a. anger and blame

b. admiration and respect

c. respect and gratitude

d. anger and vengeance

Ans. Option (a)

iii. Choose the option that lists evidence that the police might have used against Horace, to arrest him.

a question of trust class 10 extra questions answers

a. Option 1

b. Option 2

c. Option 3

d. Option 4

Ans. Option (d)

iv. Given below are four situations in Mr. Verma’s house. Choose the situation that depicts Mr. Verma being sharp-tongued with his family members.

a. Mr. Verma’s wife shares a life problem with him and he advices her honestly.

b. Mr. Verma’s daughter scores poor marks in his exams and Mr. Verma remains silent.

c. Mr. Verma’s son cooks food for the first time and he is criticized by his father immediately.

d. Mr. Verma’s sister buys a new car to surprise him and he is overjoyed with the news.

Ans. Option (c)

v. Honour among thieves is an example of a/an

a. idiom

b. slogan

c. proverb

d. Lyric

Ans. Option (c)

Q. No. 3) The woman posing as the house owner’s wife had laid out a careful plan to dupe Horace Danby. Cite any two instances from the text that suggest the same.

Ans. Two instances that suggest the woman had a carefully planned deception:

  1. She knew the layout of the house, including the location of the safe hidden behind a painting.
  2. She pretended to sympathize with Horace's hay fever and engaged him in conversation to gain his trust before revealing her true intentions.

Q. No. 4) What are the subtle ways in which the lady manages to deceive Horace Danby into thinking she is the lady of the house? Why doesn’t Horace suspect that something is wrong?

Ans. The lady in "A Question of Trust" manages to deceive Horace Danby by:

  1. Dressing in a way that suggests she is the lady of the house.
  2. Using her knowledge of the house's layout and the safe's location.
  3. Acting confidently and sympathetically toward Horace's hay fever.

Horace doesn't suspect anything is wrong initially because she appears to be the homeowner, and her demeanor puts him at ease. Her knowledge and convincing act make it seem plausible that she's the legitimate owner.

Q. No. 5) “How foolish people are when they own valuable things” Does this statement hold true for Horace Danby himself?

Support your answer with instances from “A Question of Trust”.

Ans. Yes, the statement, "How foolish people are when they own valuable things," holds true for Horace Danby himself. He fails to recognize the value of leaving no fingerprints and gets caught due to this oversight. His obsession with rare books leads him to take unnecessary risks and eventually face the consequences of his actions.

Q. No. 6) “Horace Danby was good and respectable — but not completely honest”. Why do you think this description is apt for Horace? Why can’t he be categorized as a typical thief?

Ans. The description of Horace Danby as "good and respectable — but not completely honest" is apt because it highlights his dual nature. While he engages in criminal activities by robbing safes, he doesn't fit the typical image of a thief. He is meticulous, has a genuine love for rare books, and doesn't harm individuals. This complexity makes him distinct from a stereotypical criminal.

Q. No. 7) “Society must be protected from men like you.” Comment on the irony of the given quote.

Ans. The irony in the quote, "Society must be protected from men like you," lies in the fact that the woman who says it is herself engaging in deceptive and morally questionable behavior by manipulating Horace Danby for her own benefit.

Q. No. 8) “A Question of Trust” is a story about the robbery of the robber. Expound.

Ans. "A Question of Trust" indeed revolves around the robbery of the robber, Horace Danby. He is a professional thief who robs safes to support his book collection. However, he is deceived and robbed of his freedom by the young lady of Shotover Grange, who initially appears to be a victim but turns out to be a clever manipulator.

Q. No. 9) In the chapter “A Question of Trust”, Horace Danby’s final arrest was a blessing in disguise. Comment briefly.

Ans. Horace Danby's final arrest in "A Question of Trust" was a blessing in disguise because it put an end to his criminal activities and allowed him to reflect on his actions while working as a prison librarian.

Q. No. 10) “The most successful people work smart, not hard” Justify the quote with reference to “A Question of Trust”.

Ans. In "A Question of Trust," Horace Danby is portrayed as a skilled locksmith and burglar. However, his criminal endeavors ultimately fail due to his lack of foresight and careful planning. The woman who deceives him demonstrates a higher level of intelligence and strategic thinking, outsmarting Horace. This highlights that success often depends on working smart, not just relying on one's skills or hard work.

Q. No. 11) Based on the story, would it be fair to say that deception is a crucial aspect of robbery?
Do you agree? Why/why not?

Ans. Yes, it would be fair to say that deception is a crucial aspect of robbery, as seen in "A Question of Trust." Deception is used not only by the thief, Horace Danby, but also by the woman who tricks him. Deceptive tactics are essential for both planning and executing successful robberies.

Q. No. 12) Horace Danby was a meticulous planner but still he faltered. Where did he go wrong and why?

Ans. Horace Danby's meticulous planning faltered in "A Question of Trust" when he underestimated the potential for deception. He failed to anticipate the role of the Lady in Red, who was as cunning and deceptive as he was. This oversight led to his downfall, as he didn't consider the possibility of being outsmarted by someone within his own criminal world.

Q. No. 13) Thieves and swindlers have no sense of moral righteousness. Comment with references to instances from “A Question of Trust”.

Ans. In "A Question of Trust," both the thief, Horace Danby, and the woman who deceives him exhibit a lack of moral righteousness. Horace steals to finance his book collection, while the woman manipulates and deceives him for personal gain. Their actions reflect a disregard for ethical principles in pursuit of their own interests.

Q. No. 14) Imagine that the young lady thief writes a letter to Horace Danby while he is in prison. Write the letter imagining yourself to be that young lady with respect to the story.


My Dearest Horace,

I hope this letter finds you in good health, considering the circumstances. I wanted to reach out to you as I've been reflecting on the events that transpired at Shotover Grange.

Firstly, I want to express my admiration for your locksmith skills and your passion for rare books. It was a pleasure to meet someone with such unique talents.

However, I must admit that our encounter was not what it seemed. I deceived you, and for that, I am deeply sorry. My own motives for retrieving the jewels were not entirely noble, and I used your desperation to my advantage.

Prison must be a harsh experience, and I hope you find some solace in your work as an assistant librarian. Please know that I regret my actions, and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

Yours sincerely,
[Young Lady's Name]

Q. No. 15) As the woman who dupes Danby, pen a diary entry for the night before the robbery.

Pen down your thoughts, fears, and hopes from the robbery based on the events of the story "The Question of Trust".

Wednesday, 12 July '78 9 PM

Its D-day, finally! Today, I know how it feels to be nervous and excited at the same time……. (continue)……….

Ans. Wednesday, 12 July '78, 9 PM

It's D-day, finally! Today, I know how it feels to be nervous and excited at the same time. I've spent the last two weeks carefully observing every detail of Shotover Grange, memorizing the layout, the paths, and the security measures. Horace Danby, the locksmith, will be my unsuspecting accomplice tonight. He's been studying the house as well, but little does he know that I have something entirely different in mind.

I can't help but feel a strange mix of guilt and determination. I'm about to manipulate a man who, for all his faults, is just trying to support his passion for books. But my own motives aren't entirely pure either. I need those jewels for my own reasons, reasons I can't reveal to anyone, especially not my husband.

As I prepare for tonight, I can't shake the fear of something going wrong. What if Horace doesn't fall for my act? What if he decides to run or resist? The consequences could be dire.

Yet, there's a glimmer of hope that this risky plan will work. Horace is desperate, and I'll use that desperation to my advantage. If all goes well, I'll have the jewels within an hour, and Horace will be none the wiser. But if it fails, I'll be the one facing the consequences.

Tonight, I'll find out if my acting skills and clever manipulation are enough to outwit a skilled locksmith turned burglar.

Q. No. 16) ‘Honor among thieves’ is considered a popular code. Examine A Question of Trust as a story woven around this code.

Ans. "A Question of Trust" explores the concept of "honor among thieves" and ultimately challenges it. According to this popular code, thieves are expected to have a certain level of trust and cooperation among themselves, avoiding double-crossing and betraying each other.

Horace Danby, the story's protagonist, is meticulous in his criminal activities, stealing once a year to fund his passion for rare books. He embodies the traditional thief who is careful and methodical, adhering to the code of honor among criminals.

However, the Lady in Red, who appears to be in a similar line of work, cunningly manipulates and deceives Horace. She does not follow the established code of honor, resulting in Horace Danby's arrest and imprisonment for the first time in his life. This betrayal by someone within his own world of criminality is a stark reminder that not everyone in the criminal underworld adheres to the code of honor, leading to his downfall.

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