How to Start Class 11 Preparation?

How to begin Class 11 preparation?

So, finally, you are here to find the answer to the above question i.e., how to start your class 11th preparation and what should be an ideal way to complete your higher secondary. First of all, let me congratulate you as you have successfully completed 10 years of your formal education and passed the first important examination of your formal education. In this article, I will try to provide a broad strategy to be kept in mind while preparing for classes 11 and 12. These tips will help you to properly plan your studies irrespective of the subject/stream you have chosen. So let us start:

1. Get Settled

How to start Class 11

By 'Getting settled' I mean do not get too much perturbed by the stream selection. Whatever stream (science, commerce, or humanities) you have chosen, be it by your own choice or by your parent's choice, just let it be. Do not try to compare with your friends or siblings. In the long run, all the streams have more or less equal growth opportunities. All that is needed is a proper strategy and hard work in the right direction with positive intent.

2. Overview of Subjects

take overview of syllabus of the subjects

Now that you have chosen a stream, it's time to have a look at the subjects in that stream. Now some of these subjects you have already been studying since your previous classes. But here the majority of the students make a mistake. They try to judge the subject, based on their past experience, which is not advisable. Subjects and their curriculum in higher secondary is quite different from your secondary standard (i.e., Class X), particularly in the Science and Commerce stream. So, your task here is to have a look at the detailed syllabus of each subject you have chosen. You can download the latest curriculum from the official website of your board (CBSE, ISC, NIOS, or other State Boards).

3. Find  Teacher(s)

find a good teacher

Now you have done two main jobs (i. Stream selection, ii. Syllabus view). Now you need someone who can guide you in the subjects. That is, you have to find a teacher who

i. should have proper knowledge  about the subject, and

ii. should be able to make you understand the complicated concepts in simple and lucid language.

A teacher is like a driver who makes your journey smooth. Having a good teacher is very important to excel in any area of life. The teacher can be an offline one or on online platforms (YouTube, Unacademy, etc.). It is up to you to decide depending on your comfort and affordability.

4. Back to Books

follow ncert textbooks

After teacher selection, it's time to buy books on the subjects. Here you should be careful. If you are from CBSE or from a State board that follows the CBSE curriculum, then you must have NCERT Books. Besides NCERT, you should have one reference book/Question Bank for each subject. This you should buy on your teacher's guidance or on your school's recommendation. Just remember not to buy too many books for a subject as this will clutter your mind and make you confused. Just one NCERT and one Question Bank are sufficient to crack your board exam. Prepare these two books thoroughly and revise them multiple times to score high in your exams.

5. Follow the School

Tips to start class 11

In this digital world, students sometimes get misguided and deviate from the normal education process. They make their own goals and tend to avoid school exams. This should not be done. Students should seriously take the tests and examinations of the school. While studying, always try to keep up with the school. First, prepare the chapters which are going to come in your upcoming school examinations. This will keep you on the proper path and prevent you from getting distracted.

6. Be consistent

be consistent in your studies

This is the most important tip. Make a proper realistic study timetable and follow it. Just try to give at least 2 hours for self-study apart from school, tuition, YouTube videos watching, etc.  This is because no matter how much time you spend on watching videos or on tuition, it will go worthless if you do not study and revise it yourself. And if you have Mathematics as a subject (which I strongly recommend students to take) then try to practice it daily at least for 0.5-1 hour. If you follow this, then believe me you will be in love with Mathematics.

7. Identify your interest

identify your interest

Only studying is not enough. Also, try to notice and find your interest field. Do not try to haste in this process. Take your time and try to observe the fields/subjects in which you are more interested. Then have a look at the future prospect in that field or subject. For this, you can take help from your teacher/YouTube/Google, etc. This will help you to decide your path ahead after the 12th.

8. Use Social Media Cautiously

avoid social media

Social Media apps (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.,) are like a double-edged sword. It has the capacity to build your life but at the same time, it can destroy you too! If you are beginning to get addicted to these apps then this is the right time to minimize their use. And if you are thinking that, you watch only educational and self-development videos, so you will make your future bright, then you are mistaken here. NOT all knowledge is useful. Try to learn only those things that will help you at present to achieve your immediate next goal. There is no point in watching Financial planning, Japanese Secret of Success, or any other such rubbish stuff. These are of no use to you at present. This will only waste your time. If you don't feel like studying, then just do some physical activity or take a nap instead of wasting time on mobile phones. Remember, the only thing that matter here is ACTION.

I will keep this article short and end it here. Hope you will try to implement the above steps. These are simple, practical yet most effective tips from my side. Hope you liked it! Do comment your views/suggestions/queries in the comment box below.

All the Best!

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17 thoughts on “How to Start Class 11 Preparation?”

    1. Sir , I’m requesting 1 things please teach us ..subject like geography , pol. Sc. For class 11 .
      I know you don’t have time but then also please try to make. 🙏
      Last but not the least..#Sir ❤️Time nikaalne k liye dil se sochiye time apne aap nikal jaayega.❤️
      I hope you will make video for class 11 geo. , nd Pol. SC.

      Thank you
      UPSC Aspirant

  1. Science ki video me aap NEET ki taiyari ke hisab se objective question video me maximum karaiyega student ncert book ko padhane ke liye YOUTUBE ka sahara leta hai aur notes to we coaching jake kar lete hai bio ka specially khojate hai please start bio with a animal tissue

  2. Sir ek request hai ki aap hamay pahlay ki tara class 11 maa pcm padhoo ku ki app ki video sa Jada achha sa samjha Ata hai 😅

    Thanks you 😘

  3. Sir please pls please 🙏🙏🙏🙏 class 11 me bhi padhye sir aur sir aap hi kahate ho n ki time waste mat karo to phir sir apko class 11 me padhaye kyuki aap se hi student ka future hai varna Hamra to future gaya

  4. 🙏🙏Please Sir,🌹I wanna to with you PCMB in class 11 because you explain line by line, all students got easily which you teach us .I am your old subscriber I have achieved good marks in class 10 because of you so I humble request to you please start the teach all students through your channel who wants to learn with I request start 11th session as soon as possible 🥰🥰😊 I live in Up Sitapur and I study in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya.

  5. Please look at this comment

    Sir i am struggling with studies in this stage…my teacher in coaching taught me half-half things…in a sense he didn’t teach properly in such way that I can’t grasp what he was/is teaching….it’s a lot to ask but sir i beg you to make a video on all chem and physics chapters…please sir..i know it’s late but please sir…

  6. Please look at this comment

    Sir i am struggling with studies in this stage…my teacher in coaching taught me half-half things…in a sense he didn’t teach properly in such way that I can’t grasp what he was/is teaching….it’s a lot to ask but sir i beg you to make a video on all chem and physics chapters…please sir..i know it’s late but please sir….

  7. Sir please ma class 11th ke liye Physics and Chemistry padhana Shuru krdi pls. Apki ncert reading lectures se Zada smjh ata tha.

  8. Subhashish Raj

    Sir I am subhashish raj I am studying in class 11th
    Pls start the course of class 11th ncert reading
    Your ncert reading series is really helpful for us

    Thank y ou sir aapke wjh se Mera 10th bhauht aacha gya 💞

  9. Sir plzzz class 11th ka class aap kriyee .. I mean science mai aap se hii phadhi krna ka Mnn hai kyuki hum aapko class 10th se follow kr rhe hai .. sir aapka class hum last time kiye the I mean board start hone se 1 month phele par fir bhi hum jadaaa score to nhi kr paye just because hum bahut last mai phadhi suru kiyee par jitnaa ho ske aap Karan hii hua ki hum at least 75% laaye broads mai I know sir ye bahut marks hotaa hai isliyee hum class 12th ke boards mai accha krna chahte hai to plzz jald se jald class 11th or 12th ka start kr dijiyeeee plzz sir I req you aur hum aapke class 11th wala channel mai ye bahut baar likhe hai par koi response nhi aaya .. bas hum aap se itnaa chahte hai ki aap 11th or 12 ka class start kr dijiye science ka mere jaisaa bahut baccha hai jinko aapki help chaiyeee so plzz .. I hope you understand and response my req 🥺

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