CBSE Class 9 Social Science Syllabus 2023-24: Key Changes and Updates

Board CBSE
Class 9
Session 2023-24
Subject Social Science (087)
Type Syllabus
Official Website
Social Science class 9 syllabus 2023-24


CLASS – IX (2023-24)

  • Theory: 80 Marks
  • Internal Assessment: 20 Marks
No. Units Marks
I India and the Contemporary World - I (History) 23
II Contemporary India - I (Geography) 22
III Democratic Politics -I (Political Science) 15
IV Economics 15
V Map Pointing 5
Total 80
Unit 1: India and the Contemporary World – I Section 1: Events and Processes (All three themes are compulsory) I. The French Revolution (7 Marks)
  • French Society During the Late Eighteenth Century
  • The Outbreak of the Revolution
  • France Abolishes Monarchy and Becomes a Republic
  • Did Women have a Revolution?
  • The Abolition of Slavery
  • The Revolution and Everyday Life
II. Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution (9 Marks)
  • The Age of Social Change
  • The Russian Revolution
  • The February Revolution in Petrograd
  • What Changed after October?
  • The Global Influence of the Russian Revolution and the USSR
III. Nazism and the Rise of Hitler (6 Marks)
  • Birth of the Weimar Republic
  • Hitler’s Rise to Power
  • The Nazi Worldview
  • Youth in Nazi Germany
  • Ordinary People and the Crimes Against Humanity
Section 2: Livelihoods, Economies, and Societies IV. Forest Society and Colonialism (1 Mark)
  • Why Deforestation?
Unit 2: Contemporary India – I 1. India (4 Marks)
  • Location
  • Size
  • India and the World
  • India’s Neighbours
2. Physical Features of India (5 Marks)
  • Major Physiographic Divisions – Himalayan Mountains, Northern Plains, Peninsular Plateau, Indian Desert, Coastal Plains, Islands
3. Drainage (4 Marks)
  • Concept
  • Drainage Systems in India
  • The Himalayan Rivers - Ganga and Brahmaputra River System
  • The Peninsular Rivers- Narmada Basin, Tapti Basin, Godavari Basin, Mahanadi Basin, Krishna Basin, Kaveri Basin
  • Lakes
  • Role of Rivers in the Economy
  • River Pollution
4. Climate (5 Marks)
  • Concept
  • Climatic Controls
  • Factors influencing India’s climate – Latitude, Altitude, Pressure and Winds (excluding Jet Streams and Western Cyclonic Disturbances and related figures)
  • The Seasons – Cold Weather Season, Hot Weather Season, Advancing Monsoon, Retreating/Post Monsoons
  • Distribution of Rainfall
  • Monsoon as a unifying bond
5. Natural Vegetation and Wild Life (1 Mark)
  • Wild Life
6. Population (3 Marks)
  • Population Size and Distribution – India’s Population Size and Distribution by Numbers, India’s Population Distribution by Density
  • Population Growth and Processes of Population Change – Population Growth, Processes of Population Change/Growth
Unit 3: Democratic Politics – I 1. What is Democracy? Why Democracy? (3 Marks)
  • What is Democracy?
  • Features of Democracy
  • Why Democracy?
  • Broader Meanings of Democracy
2. Constitutional Design (3 Marks)
  • Democratic Constitution in South Africa
  • Why do we need a Constitution?
  • Making of the Indian Constitution
  • Guiding Values of the Indian Constitution
3. Electoral Politics (2 Marks)
  • Why Elections?
  • What is our System of Elections?
  • What makes elections in India democratic?
4. Working of Institutions (5 Marks)
  • How is the major policy decision taken?
  • Parliament
  • Political Executive
  • The Judiciary
5. Democratic Rights (2 Marks)
  • Life without Rights
  • Rights in a Democracy
  • Rights in the Indian Constitution
  • Expanding the scope of rights
Unit 4: Economics 1. The Story of Village Palampur (IN PERIODIC TESTS ONLY)
  • Overview
  • Organization of Production
  • Farming in Palampur
  • Non-farm activities in Palampur
2. People as Resource (5 Marks)
  • Overview
  • Economic Activities by Men and Women
  • Quality of Population
  • Unemployment
3. Poverty as a Challenge (5 Marks)
  • Overview
  • Two typical cases of Poverty
  • Poverty as seen by Social Scientists
  • Poverty Estimates
  • Vulnerable Groups
  • Interstate Disparities
  • Global Poverty Scenario
  • Causes of Poverty
  • Anti-Poverty measures
  • The Challenges Ahead
4. Food Security in India (5 Marks)
  • Overview
  • What is Food Security?
  • Why Food Security?
  • Who are food insecure?
  • Food Security in India
  • What is Buffer Stock?
  • What is the Public Distribution System?
  • Current Status of Public Distribution System
  • Role of Cooperatives in food security


SUBJECT - HISTORY Chapter-1: The French Revolution Outline Political Map of France (For locating and labeling / Identification)
  • Bordeaux
  • Nante
  • Paris
  • Marseilles
Chapter-2: Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution Outline Political Map of World (For locating and labeling / Identification)
  • Major countries of First World War (Central Powers and Allied Powers)

Central Powers - Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey (Ottoman Empire)

Allied Powers - France, England, Russia, U.S.A.

SUBJECT – GEOGRAPHY (Outline Political Map of India) Chapter -1: India-Size and Location
  • India-States with Capitals, Tropic of Cancer, Standard Meridian (Location and Labelling), Neighbouring countries
Chapter -2: Physical Features of India
  • Mountain Ranges: The Karakoram, The Zasker, The Shivalik, The Aravali, The Vindhya, The Satpura, Western & Eastern Ghats
  • Mountain Peaks – K2, Kanchan Junga, Anai Mudi
  • Plateau - Deccan Plateau, Chotta Nagpur Plateau, Malwa Plateau
  • Coastal Plains - Konkan, Malabar, Coromandel & Northern Circar (Location and Labelling)
Chapter -3: Drainage
  • Rivers: (Identification only)
    • The Himalayan River Systems - The Indus, The Ganges, and The Satluj
    • The Peninsular Rivers - The Narmada, The Tapi, The Kaveri, The Krishna, The Godavari, The Mahanadi
  • Lakes: Wular, Pulicat, Sambhar, Chilika
Chapter - 4: Climate
  • Percentage of rainfall in India, Monsoon wind directions
Chapter - 6: Population (location and labeling)
  • Population density of all states
  • The state having the highest and lowest density of population
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