CBSE Class 10 Students with Basic Mathematics can take Mathematics in Class 11

CBSE Class 10 Students who had opted for Basic mathematics in Class 10 for the session 2021-22 can now take Mathematics in Class 11 as per the circular released by CBSE on 08/08/2022.

Detailed Information is given below:

1. Standard Rule:

i. Only students of Class X who opted for "Standard Mathematics" can take "Mathematics" in Class XI.

ii. Students of Class X who opted for "Basic Mathematics" can only take "Applied Mathematics" in Class XI.

2. However, due to pandemic, the above standard rule was relaxed for 2 years i.e., for 2019-20 and 2020-21. This means Class 10 students with "Basic Mathematic" could also opt for "Mathematics" in Class 11.

3. As the current session was also affected by Covid-19, hence it has been decided to further extend this relaxation for 1 more year. That is, students of the 2021-22 session with Basic Mathematics can also take Mathematic in Class 11 if they wish to do so.

4. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that this exemption is only granted for this year. From the next session, the Standard rule will be followed.

5. Class X Students of the current session i.e., 2022-23 will have to follow the Standard Rule given in Sl. no. 1. That is, students with Basic Mathematics would not be able to take Mathematics in Class 11. They can opt for Applied Mathematics in Class 11.

See the official Circular here: Circular Dated 08/08/2022


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