Top 5 Answer Writing Tips For CBSE Class 10 Board Exams 2022-23

How to write answers in the CBSE Class 10 Board exam 2023?

As CBSE Board Exams are set to begin on 15 February 2023, a lot of students are confused about how to present their answers in the final board exam. These top 5 answer writing tips are useful in scoring the maximum in the CBSE  board exams so that they can fetch the maximum marks possible.  The students tend to waste their precious time in search of this answer.  But not to worry, you have come to the right place for this. Below are some effective tips that you can adopt while attempting your sample paper/Final board exam paper to score maximum.

Top 5 Tips to follow while writing answers in Board exams:

1. Use the 'Reading Time (15 minutes)' wisely: 

It has been very well said that "Well begun is half done". So, this is our first tip. We should properly utilize the 15 minutes reading time. Now a question arises in our mind - 'What exactly should we do during the Reading Time?'. The answer is:

  • Identify the questions (i.e., easy and difficult ones). No doubt, at first one should always attempt the easy ones and then the tough/tricky ones.
  • While reading questions, do not get stuck in any particular question. Just try to get an idea of what the question is about.
  • Make an overall strategy about how to answer the questions.
  • Don't waste time on 'Reading instructions'. This is one thing which you should do beforehand at home. Students must solve the CBSE Official sample paper. This will help in getting the knowledge of question paper format and design. This will be time-saving for students in the exam.

Download CBSE Official Sample Papers For CBSE 2023 Board Exams

  • After doing all the above things, if some time is still left, you can note down points for the first question.
2. Using Two Pens: 

Students should not waste too much time deciding about pens and their colors. Students should have only two pens (one Blue and one Black Ball point pen). While black pens would be used for headings, blue pens can be used to write the text. (Note: Avoid writing using black pen for writing answer body, it should be used only for writing headings. But if you want to be on a safer side, use only blue ball point pen and for headings - just underline it with a scale and pencil.)

blue and black ball pen

3. Using Pencils: 

This is one thing that students and quite often teachers forget about. The students in nervous, and draw the diagrams with a pen. This should not be done. All the diagrams and their labeling must be done with pencils. And after answering a question, one should draw a line with a pencil and leave 2-3 lines. This helps separating the answers and easy for the examiner to check the answer sheet.

4. Scribbling/Scratching: 

If while writing answers any mistake occurs, then do not scribble or scratch it. Just strike it by drawing a line over it. This makes the answer sheet look clean and also saves time.

5. Write the correct question number: 

Now this is a very common and obvious tip. But very often students make mistakes in writing the correct question number. Also, some questions have internal choices. You can write 'choice 1' or 'choice 2' as per your choice. This leaves a good impression of yours on the examiner.

Answer presentation

Bonus Tip: 

Draw a two-inch border on the right side for rough work.

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Hope you liked this article and it was helpful to you. And I am sure that you will get decent marks in board exams. All the best!

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